Saturday, April 11, 2015

We all became landscape architects overnight!

We have been talking about our wildlife pond for over six months now, so now we are finally building the pond we are suddenly starting to have to make decisions.  

Two big diggers!
From Tuesday we had two big diggers going and by the end of Wednesday we had broken into the beck that had been hidden below ground by a concrete culvert. 

Found concrete culvert

As we all stood around looking at the hole we had dug now filling up with water we could not help but compare it to a square silage pit!

Looking a bit too square

So on Thursday we all became landscape architects overnight! Straight lines became wavy, shallow areas for reeds were made and hard lines became softened and less steep.

With a bit more work on Friday morning we all agreed we had got it back to looking like a wildlife pond. What a great week and the glorious weather meant all this work was able to be done in one week! 

Diggers finish!

Diggers finished, water settling nicely after the work
Again well done team Gardner-Raby! (

All of this work was complete via a planning application and also we needed Flood Defence Consent from Cumbria County Council.


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